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Wholesale Merchant Accounts, Interchange Plus Pricing
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Internet Merchant Accounts, ECommerce Merchant Accounts,
Retail Merchant Accounts, Wholesale Account Pricing

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Wholesale, Interchange Plus Merchant Services!

Our Merchants benefit from Retail and ECommerce Mentoring offered at no cost.

We will help you learn how to sell more, sell more effectively, choose the correct ways to advertise, provide designer referrals and referrals to other highly regarded professionals for Order Manager, PPC Advertising, Graphics, Custom Shopping Carts, Gateways, and more.

Lower your Merchant Account Rates with Wholesale Merchant Services Pricing

Process Credit Cards with some of the largest eCommerce Merchant Banks in the world with BILLIONS in annual processing.

Enjoy 99% Approval, 24 hour turnaround on New Accounts, Funds in your bank within 24-48 hours, and HELP when you need it.

Does your current Merchant Processor know ANYTHING about ECommerce or Retail Marketing?

Will they help you grow your business without cost?

Most likely the answer is NO. Can they help you with your ECommerce site? Again... NO!

Bring your merchant account to professionals that understand BUSINESS!

To do otherwise places your entire business at risk.

Call us at (800) 528-0775 and find out that we REALLY know what we are talking about.

A conversation with us will open your eyes to a better way of handling your Merchant Account and EBusiness, as well as provide you with some of the lowest wholesale rates for ECommerce Merchant Accounts and Retail Merchant Accounts.

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Merchants need to know about Interchange Plus Pricing. With Interchange Pricing, all possible levels of credit card interchange are broken out to maximize your savings. You will see exactly what card types are being used the most and all costs associated with every level.

Learning how you can benefit from Interchange Pricing Programs can quickly be determined at no cost by means of a Merchant Statement Review.

Your Merchant Account Statement will be analyzed for savings at all levels and a recommendation issued. Fax your statement in confidence to (818) 286-1968.

We'll also identify nuisance fees and Merchant Account Games and show you how to make them vanish, even if you don't process with us.

Call and have us explain our unique qualifications in the ECommerce Merchant Account field and eCommerce Mentoring.

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