Layaway Programs - Can add THOUSANDS of dollars in profit to you bottom line and are a convenience for your customers.

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In Store Layaway System
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Merchants - Add In-Store Layaway to your existing checkout process!

Expand your business beyond "Main Street" and to the Internet by offering your customers online layaway payment plans.

Layaway brings more revenue to your business!

Whether you accept layaways or are thinking about offering a layaway program. Layaway Cart has the ultimate layaway (POS) Point-of-Sale solution designed to automate existing manual processes saving stores both time and money.

No Special software, programming, or billing systems needed!

  • Free setup and customization to fit your needs.
  • Notifies customer via email - customers can make payments on-line through your Layaway Cart account!
  • On-line or-off line enabled.
  • Allows payments to be made in using ANY type of payment method, you choose...
  • Full support from Layaway Cart 24/7/365.
  • Automated payment record keeping system. You save labor as Layaway Cart does all the work.
  • Deposits payments directly to your bank account, notifies you when payments are made and when the sale is complete!

Now you can accept in-store, interest free, layaway as a payment option just like WalMart®, Sears®, and the other big names without having to set up or pay for the elaborate record keeping and administrative systems associated with accepting and managing Layaway payments.

Using our In-Store layaway system is like having an entire Layaway Department working for you, without the cost! 

Layaway Cart manages the entire layaway process:
Layaway Cart manages the entire layaway process so you can focus on running your business. Think of Layaway Cart as your layaway store specialist accepting customer layaway orders, recording payments, sending payment reminders, managing cancellations and more. 

Sends bills to customers as well as payment reminders:

There is nothing more frustrating than having to create invoices and then send payment reminders. Layaway Cart eliminates that frustration by sending invoices as well as friendly payment reminders to your customers at no additional charge.

Layaway Cart automatically sends your shoppers payment reminders and invoices!

Automatically records payments from customers:

You've got paid! Layaway Cart accepts and records each payment so you don't have to. Layaway Cart remembers balances, amounts due, due dates, payment history's and maintains accurate layaway accounting records on every single layaway earned and collected.

Don't waste your time trying to manage your customers payments, let Layaway Cart do it for you!

Store owner controls payment terms:

Do you want to receive weekly payments, Bi-Weekly or monthly? … Do you want to charge a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the layaway purchase when assessing fees? How about check payment on line?

These are just a few of the layaway settings and payment options to choose from when creating your layaway program. Layaway Cart enables you to setup layaway terms around your business.  Then leave the business of running your layaway program to us... 

Alerts store owner when actions occur:

Layaway Cart will notify you when you receive a payment, when you receive a new layaway order or when a customer misses a scheduled payment. After all, you're the boss you should know!

Add layaway fees to recoup costs:

You may charge customers a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the layaway purchase amount when assessing layaway fees. For example, Layaway Cart will bill you $0.99 cents per layaway transaction (not to be confused with each payment). Why not recoup this cost by charging the customer a layaway fee as well? 

Furthermore, Layaway Cart enables you to charge a restocking fee on cancelled layaway orders and will refund the customers payment less any fee you assess.

Layaway Cart assesses a simple, lower than retail fee, with Flexible Fees Options...

It's your layaway, it's your terms. Merchants can easily recoup Layaway Cart transaction fees by charging the buyer a layaway fee. You have the option of charging a flat dollar amount( Example: $0.99) or a percentage of the total purchase amount (Example: 1.9%) In addition, merchants may assess a cancellation and/or restocking fees on cancelled layaway's.

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